By @1D_Founder


It’s no secret that the delivery business is booming, and these days it seems like delivery options are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, most platforms are antiquated, outdated, and do little to offer modern solutions consumers need. 

Modern Ways to Pay

The days of the only option being to pay your delivery driver in cash are long gone, and 1Delivery goes far beyond simply accepting credit cards. The platform is designed to be as easy to use as possible, and to give customers the options they want when it comes to splitting the bill. By accepting peer-to-peer payments, friends and family can pitch in for an order—even if they aren’t on the same mobile operating platform (iOS, Android).

In addition, 1Delivery will accept cryptocurrency payments. Payment methods are rapidly changing, and in order to keep up with new developments, it’s essential for delivery platforms to provide users with the most modern options and experience.

Unparalleled Access

1Delivery sets itself apart from the competition by allowing you to place orders from multiple vendors. This impressive feat is made possible with blockchain technology.

The platform uses smart contracts that serve as immutable records between all vendors. This ensures that every transaction and piece of data shared between each restaurant is private, accountable, and completely secure.

1Delivery employs zero-knowledge proof technology based on a secure cryptographic algorithm. This allows the various parties involved in any delivery order to verify information without sharing data, so your information remains safe. Plus, it relies on decentralized identifiers (DIDs) to add another layer of protection for your personal data.

Credentials You Can Count On

Verifiable Credentials are a vital part of how alcohol sales are conducted with 1Delivery, which is another prime example of using blockchain technology to stay ahead of the curve. Verifiable Credentials allow for the safe digital use of physical documents—in this case, customers’ IDs proving they’re of legal drinking age. It keeps personally identifiable information off of the platform, while still providing the information (in this case, if the consumer is of age to purchase alcohol) accessible.

Built on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is one of the tech world’s most innovative developments. However, it hasn’t been employed by the delivery sector—until now. Blockchain is the foundation upon which 1Delivery was built, making it truly one of a kind.

With blockchain technology, data is distributed across an entire network of blocks, making it essentially impossible to hack or breach. It’s based on a decentralized consensus process, which means no single entity controls the data, so it’s protected from potential harm.

There’s unlimited potential for blockchain technology to make ordering your favorite meals safer, faster, and more efficient—and 1Delivery puts blockchain technology to work at every level.

Technology, Delivered

At its core, 1Delivery is a technology company that uses the most up-to-date tools and resources to transform the delivery industry as a whole—and for the better. By using blockchain technology, it opens the door to all the possibilities that were previously untapped by the world of hospitality.

Our ultimate goal is to make ordering delivery a better experience, which means adding safety features as well as improving functionality. Delivery platforms shouldn’t prevent you from ordering from multiple restaurants at one time, limit how many ways you can split the bill, or put your personal data at risk. 1Delivery delivers when it comes to making the most out of today’s most advanced technology solutions. Our partnership with BizSecure allows us to leverage these advanced technologies while we focus on delivering amazing food.