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Ghost Kitchens and Venture Capital

Jorge Santillán – GF2GO CEO Venture capitalists and restaurateurs have one important thing in common: their businesses are high risk, high reward. However, if there’s one opportunity in the hospitality world that seems like it’s primed for success, it’s ghost kitchens. Venture capital is driving a huge shift in the market—one that’s filled with incredible… continue reading

Entrepreneur, Employee, Entrepreneur—Lessons from Being Employed

Jorge Santillán / GF2GO CEO I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life. As a born risk-taker, I’ve always known that creating and running businesses was my calling. My first clients were my childhood friends—I’d sell them land in a park by my house, and create soccer leagues out of playdough figurines (which I’d then turn… continue reading

1Delivery is @ the Apex of Innovation, Leveraging Blockchain!

By @1D_Founder 1Delivery It’s no secret that the delivery business is booming, and these days it seems like delivery options are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, most platforms are antiquated, outdated, and do little to offer modern solutions consumers need.  Modern Ways to Pay The days of the only option being to pay your delivery… continue reading

“Be Afraid of No Ghost” : Trends of The Ghost Kitchen Industry

Ghost kitchens have transformed the way we think about restaurants.

Great Foods2Go and Makers Kitchens Group partnership

Great Foods2Go Inc is excited to announce our partnership with Makers Kitchens Group. The team will bring multi-brand, one-stop meal pickup and delivery to Maker Kitchens facilities across the United States.