Great Foods2Go Inc. (GF2GO) is excited to announce our partnership with Makers Kitchens Group (MKG). The team will bring multi-brand, one-stop meal pickup and delivery to Maker Kitchens facilities across the United States.

“We are both leaders in innovation and recognize the value in simple and cost-effective solutions for customers to be able to choose from many different brands and types of food using our convenient 1Delivery platform.”

Jorge Santillán
CEO, Great Foods2Go Inc.

Customers can order freshly-prepared meals online for contactless pickup or delivery (from a third-party app such as Kitchen Hub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.), from more than 50 brands. All meals are prepared in a Maker Kitchens facility for 1Delivery or pickup.

The pandemic has enabled Great Foods2Go to expand, as consumers seek simple integration of multi-restaurant offerings, and frictionless experiences with 1Delivery. “The GF2GO goal is to open a Great Foods2Go kitchen every 5 miles, so we can brighten people’s days with amazing food everywhere! With our partnership with Maker Kitchens, our ghost kitchens can start up extremely quickly, and our virtual brands, marketing, and menus can be leveraged by every Maker Kitchens tenant.”

“Our partnership with GF2GO is a perfect way to integrate group-ordering into our growing portfolio of food production facilities. We have multiple restaurant operators under one roof all needing the same thing: efficient and economical ordering, payment processing, and fulfillment. This partnership will solve many of the challenges everyone shares within our communities.”

Yosef Reinstein 
CEO, Maker Kitchens

Launched in 2021, Great Foods2Go (GF2GO) is a community of restaurants, virtual & physical, that subscribe to a philosophy of delivering great food to our customers. We have 50 virtual brands, and we  brighten people’s days with great food daily. GF2GO was created to be highly scalable and repeatable in any market, satisfying customers and with our virtual brands and menus built by professional chefs. We are addressing food delivery issues. Most groups or families want different types of food, and it becomes difficult to easily satisfy everyone’s desired menu choices. We seek to simplify the process of choosing who to order from, since our model, in conjunction with our food facilities and 50+ virtual brands, offers endless possibilities at reasonable prices. We look forward to serving you and your loved ones great food!

About MKG

Maker Kitchens offers private, permitted commercial kitchens for pickup and delivery-only restaurants & food and beverage vendors of all shapes and sizes.