Bring out the best for your restaurant and increase your profits

Virtual brands bring more delivery orders. More orders means more money in your pocket—with zero upfront costs.

1Delivery created a portfolio of highly-profitable and in demand delivery-only brands from consumer data and preferences.


How to know if

virtual brands are for you


Are you staff availbale?

Does your staff have down time? In other words, do you have the excess capacity for your staff to handle more order?

Designed for every kitchen

If you have a flat top grill and a fryer, you are already on the path to become a 1Delivery partner.
chef 2

Can handle more revenue?

Your partnership with 1Delivery will result in more orders, and more revenue every day. Revenue sources are not for every restaurant, some are satisfied with their current profits.

How much can

you earn?

We are designed to make online ordering profitable and enjoyable experience.

Virtual brands add significant revenue to your operations.

We aim for each virtual brand to bring in $3,000 - $10,000 worth of revenue per month.

if a 30-50% profitability is reasonable, than virtual brand partnership could be for you...

Featured partners

Access to virtual brand portafolio

We are opening a food hub near you.

Pico Delivery our last mile mobility partner.

Consolidate menus and orders together.

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